Work Is Underway to Standardize Universities: MOHE

Kabul – The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education has stated that it is working to improve and standardize universities in the country.

The Taliban minister of Higher Education Abdul Baqi Haqqani made the remarks at a news conference on Sunday, December 26.

“The work is underway to prepare equipment for upgrading and standardizing universities in Afghanistan,” Haqqani said.

The minister stated that teaching hospitals will be equipped with advanced supplies, Bakhtar news agency has reported.

In the meantime, he stressed that students will travel to foreign countries to continue their educations.

Moreover, Abdul Baqi cited the example of the annual award of 1,500 scholarships to Afghan students by Pakistan and said that good education would be provided for them in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the remarks come as many students who were admitted to universities in 2021 have been stranded for four months.

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