Salaries of Government Employees Need to Be Paid Monthly

The Taliban government has only added to the difficulties so far, contrary to their claims. The problem of liquidity in banks and the weekly adjustment of salaries is now one of the core challenges facing citizens. The Taliban delayed the payment process. They did not allow employees’ salaries to be credited to their accounts on time. The Taliban argued that there should be a fair wage system and that the list of people who should be paid must be clarified. After about two months of working in the office, they finally adjusted the salaries to their liking, then released several months’ salaries.

Now that salaries have been released, there is not enough cash to withdraw. Government employees wait for hours at the bank branches so that they may be able to withdraw cash. Hundreds of people gather behind each branch of the New Kabul Bank. Since salaries have been transferred to the employees’ bank accounts, most of them go to their families empty-handed at the end of the day. These problems are repeated every week. Some of these employees may not have anything on their table due to the delay of the Taliban in paying their salaries.

The Taliban should know that they are to blame for the current situation because they deliberately delayed the payment of salaries to civil servants and made sure that all salaries will be sent to the banks at the same time. Then they paid a portion of the same wages that must be paid monthly. This method of payment does not solve people’s problems. Such an approach was logical in the early days but is now problematic. The Taliban themselves have made things difficult for the people and, now they are watching their misery. Unfortunately, no solution has been proposed yet, and the situation has become so complicated that people prefer their salaries to be paid in cash as before.

These conditions eventually bother people. The Taliban must also be able to solve problems when they claim to be in power. Every step taken by the Taliban-led government must be rational and address the challenges facing the people, rather than adding to their difficulties. Delays in the payment of salaries have been irrational since then. Reforming in such a situation is never sensible, and governments always implement it in the middle of the fiscal year or at the end of the fiscal year.

The Taliban must learn from their mistakes. They now have to solve New Kabul Bank’s liquidity problems so that people can receive their salaries without any hassle. These are not dollar salaries that the Taliban use as an excuse for a lack of dollars. Since there is a budget, the problem should be solved, at least for now. Furthermore, the weekly payment of salaries in banks should be converted into monthly, and the weekly payment should be the same as the monthly rule. This will prevent gatherings in front of the banks.

The Taliban-led government needs to think about solving the challenges facing the people with the help of experts. The Taliban’s stand reflects their inability to govern, and this problem only shortens the life of their government like the Taliban grapple with a crisis of legitimacy.

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