NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope launches

NASA’s most powerful telescope ever just blasted off early this morning. Six months from now, it will send back its first glimpses of the universe. ⁠

The largest, most powerful telescope ever built by NASA is poised to harness the strength of infrared imaging to detect wavelengths emanating from stars and galaxies unseeable by human eyes, many of which were formed right after the Big Bang when the universe was born.

Webb is set to travel 1 million miles (1.6 million km) from Earth over the next six months and begin orbiting the sun at the vital-for-the-mission second Lagrange point.

Once that happens, Webb will begin sending back images of the universe. But these won’t be mere intergalactic photos. Webb will offer us a new story of the cosmos, completely unfiltered.

This will be a giant step forward from the Hubble telescope, which launched along with the Discovery space shuttle in 1990.

Webb can look much farther into deep space, about 13.7 billion light-years away, which means it can look 13.7 billion years back in time. That’s just 100 million years after the universe was born.

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