Markets For Women’s Products To Open In Capital & Provinces of Afghanistan

The Afghan Women’s Network for Business Development says
markets for women’s products are opening up in Afghanistan’s capital and

Mumtaz Yousefzai, the network’s chairman, told Radio Azadi
that the markets would be reactivated in the near future in agreement with the

According to the head of the network, most of the women who
are entrepreneurs have stopped working for four months, and now the promises
made by the Islamic Emirates are going to create markets for women soon and an
exhibition will be held. So that they can sell their products.

Yousefzai added that women entrepreneurs produce in the four
seasons of the year, but do not have a suitable market for sale; As a result of
the demand of these businesswomen, we are trying to create these markets so
that they can sell their products in their areas.

Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman and deputy minister of
information and culture of the Islamic Emirates, said: “We support the work of
businesswomen and pave the way for them to conduct their business within the
framework of Islamic law. Exhibitions will open for their handicrafts and other

According to the Afghan Women’s Network for Business
Development, women work in various sectors such as sewing clothes, making jams,
chips, tomato sauce, poultry farms and livestock farms and other sectors.

Source: Wadsam

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