Afghanistan’s Oasis of Peace

Band-e-Amir is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bamiyan, which is visited by hundreds of foreign tourists and hundreds of thousands of domestic tourists every year.

Band-e-Amir is a good place for winter sports such as ice hockey. All lakes are covered with ice during winter.

Band-e-Amir, Bamiyan, Afghanistan/Alias Tahiri, Hasht-e Subh

Band-e-Amir is Afghanistan’s most visited tourist attraction. Band-e-Amir is comprised of six lakes whose water originates from a spring called “Kuprak.”

Band-e-Amir in the last days of autumn.

Gholaman Dam, Zulfiqar Dam, Panir Dam, Qanbar Dam, Pudina Dam, and Haibat Dam are some of the dams that are naturally surrounded by sloping rock walls.

There are dozens of pure tourist attractions in Bamiyan that have attracted a significant number of tourists every year.

Bamiyan is unofficially known as Afghanistan’s oasis of peace.
Band-e-Amir had been a destination for travellers since the 1950s.
The deep blue lakes of Band-e Amir.
Band-e-Amir has been an exciting destination for domestic and foreign tourists.
Bamyan province has many natural landscapes that have been a destination for tourists.


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