World’s first SMS expected to sell as NFT at $200,000

29 years ago, on December 3, 1992, the message was sent by Neil Papworth via Vodafone’s network and received by Richard Jarvis, during a Christmas celebration.

The message is 15 characters long and reads “Merry Christmas”. Back then, Jarvis was the director of the firm and received the message on his Orbitel 901.

Papworth, then a 22-year-old British programmer sent the first-ever Short Message Service (SMS) from a computer, and hence, the path to modern messaging was paved.

The historic text message is being auctioned as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) by the Aguttes Auction House in Paris, France.

The lucky buyer will be the sole owner with exclusive ownership of the detailed and unique replica of the actual communication protocol of the text message. It can be purchased by paying in Ether from the online auction held on December 21, 2021.

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