The Girl’s Right to Education Should Not Be Denied

This evening marks the end of the school year. From tomorrow on, students had had to plan for the next academic year. The situation, however, changed. Things went awry, and the fate of the students marked a bitter end. Before this end, many students left school forever. Most of these teenagers and young people entered neighboring countries, specifically Iran, for smuggled labor.

This situation affected all educational centers in the country. Some male students above the ninth grade no longer attend classes. They are either wandering in the streets or choosing the path of migration. Worse, girls above the sixth grade are not allowed to be educated. The country’s education system has suffered a very long and terrible stroke; An interruption that no action can fully compensate for; What is more, you can not make up for the lost time.

In the second half of the school year, teachers were not paid. Teachers feel that they are not valued in the current order. As a result, some teachers are thinking about changing jobs. This situation is very worrying.

Another case is girls above the sixth grade. In the last two years, the coronavirus has seriously damaged the country’s education system. Promoting girls without education is also like a kind of political game with the education system. While education should be kept out of politics, the change in the political system has completely closed the gates of public universities, pushing the private institutions to seize operations.

This situation threatens the future of students and the future of society as a whole. Saving the education system from politicization helps to stabilize the movement forward. This change of regime should not be an excuse to deprive girls and even boys of the right to education. No excuses should hinder education. Afghan culture is not different from learning and becoming literate, nor is the unfavorable environment for girls a good excuse to deprive them of their right to education. Now that the Taliban are in control of the country, they carry heavy responsibilities, as in any other field. The ruling Taliban government’s judgment of history with every action it takes. If it blocks the right to education, history will not judge it positively.

Equipping training centers and improving their quality, on the one hand, and increasing their quantity, on the other, are among the most important responsibilities of the Taliban-led government. Given that millions of children have been deprived of education in recent years due to insecurity and war, actions must now be taken to educate them as well. The buildings of the training centers that were damaged in these wars need to be rebuilt. All of this requires a budget that does not appear to be headed by the Taliban. Therefore, this government needs to attract global aid in this area as well and to do so, it must meet certain criteria.

On the other hand, girls’ schools should be reopened as soon as possible to female students up to the twelfth grade. A plan should be made to compensate for the lost time so that it can provide the minimum educational opportunities. Teachers’ salaries should also be paid. The Ministry of Higher Education should not waste any more time managing the situation and reopening public universities. No society has prospered by not learning science, and no country has prospered by closing educational centers. Afghanistan, regardless of who rules it and under what name, must at least move in the continuation of the global development caravan, and this move requires a modern education system.

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