Japan to Provide $100 Million in Aid for Afghanistan

Kabul – The government of Japan has decided to provide a new $100 million aid package to Afghanistan, the Japanese media have reported.

According to the information, the planned aid is reportedly part of the Japanese government’s supplementary budget, which was approved on Monday, December 20.

“The aid will be used to provide food and water, as well as to help improve medical and health conditions through 16 international organizations, including the World Food Program (WFP) and UNICEF,” said the Japanese government.

On the other hand, this is Japan’s second aid to Afghanistan since the Taliban took control of the country which the country had previously provided about $58 million in aid to Afghanistan in October.

The country will continue to support the Afghan people and will actively work to stabilize the country, stressed officials in the Japanese government.

Meanwhile, Japan was one of the major donors to Afghanistan during the previous government.

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