Turkey and Qatar may control five airports in Afghanistan

Turkish foreign minister Mevult Cavusoglu said that Qatar and Turkey will probably control five airports together in Afghanistan after negotiations between Doha and Kabul.

Speaking with his Malaysian counterpart in Islamabad Cavsuoglu said, a delegation that will also include a technical team of the two countries is supposed to visit Afghanistan to assess the nature of controlling these airports.

Kabul International Airport is also rumored to be among the five airports but names of all the airports are not disclosed yet.

The delegation is supposed to submit suggestions of the two countries to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan by next week.

Turkish foreign minister Mevult Cavusoglu also met Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister Amir Khan Motaqi at the sideline of the OIC session in Islamabad and discussed the issue.

It is worth mentioning that the IEA had previously asked Turkey and Qatar to take control over Kabul International Airport but Turkey had proposed to send their own security personnel with a technical team that was refused.

It is still not clear whether the Taliban will allow the security forces of Turkey to Kabul or not.

After the full withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, Kabul International Airport was mostly destroyed by the forces that were then repaired by a Qatari technical team.

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