The US Called the OIC Meeting on Afghanistan Effective

Kabul – The United States Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West welcomed the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Afghanistan and called it an achievement.

“The US warmly welcomes the role and participation of the (OIC) foreign ministers,” tweeted Thomas West today Monday, December 20.

On the other hand, the US top envoy also met the Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi at the meeting, and both sides reportedly discussed economic and human rights issues regarding the country.

Meanwhile, the meeting of the (OIC) on Afghanistan was held and hosted by Pakistan yesterday (Sunday, December 19).

Moreover, the (OIC) proposed a $4.5 billion aid package to the United Nations and called for continued humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan from Islamic countries.

In addition, the organization also set up a “Fund” to help the people of Afghanistan and appointed a special envoy for the country.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan is grappling with an economic crisis since the takeover, and the aid agencies have warned that a humanitarian catastrophe could occur if urgent aid is not sent to the country.

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