Kabul Municipality Cleans ‘Illegal Pictures’ from the Plaques

Kabul – The Kabul Municipality of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan says it has begun clearing illegal images of plaques across the city.

The process of clearing illegal images of plaques, notices, and billboards is underway in different parts of Kabul, the Municipality tweeted today Monday, December 20.

In the meantime, images posted on the municipality’s Twitter page show the office staff clearing pictures of women from billboards.

Moreover, the Kabul Municipality has stated that in addition to respecting all members of society, it is also necessary to observe ethical principles in billboards and advertisements.

Meanwhile, the images of women were used extensively in advertisements and commercial messages in the past.

The Taliban had previously imposed restrictions on media coverage by announcing several new rules that women could no longer play a role in dramas and television series.

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