“We Represent the Republic”: Afghan Embassy in New Delhi

The ambassador of the former Afghan government in New Delhi has said that he represents the Republic and the people of Afghanistan.

“The embassy cannot represent them until the Taliban forms a formal government that is inclusive, representative, and keeps promises made, including on the rights of women and minorities,” the Afghan diplomat told Indian media.

“At present, we represent the geographic landmass and people of Afghanistan. we represent a republic that is lost for the moment,” stated Farid Mamundzay, Afghanistan’s ambassador to New Delhi.

Meanwhile, Indian media have reported that the embassy faces a bad financial situation, a bleak future, and an unclear formal status.

The media quoted Mamundzay as saying that the Afghan embassies and consulates in Hyderabad and Mumbai were currently facing severe financial cuts.

Farid Mamundzay said the embassy is struggling financially with 20 diplomats and a local staff member. He stressed that he is currently unable to pay the rent of Afghanistan’s representative offices in this country.

During the first Taliban rule, New Delhi funded the Afghan embassy. At that time, the Mujahideen, led by Burhanuddin Rabbani, was capable of maintaining political representation in India.

Afghanistan has 70 political representations abroad, none of which currently receives funds from Kabul except Beijing and Islamabad.



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