Taliban destroyed the peace process and illegitimately seized the power

The National High Council of Resistance of the Republic of Afghansitan in a letter to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) describing the status of Afghansitan as an important member for more than half a century say that Taliban ruined the peace process and with a pre-planned coup against the will of Afghans, illegitimately seized the power after escape of former president Ashraf Ghani.

In a part of the letter they blame runaway president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, that by his escape ruined the republic system as well as sovereignty of the country.

They say that Ghani weakened all political figures and left the whole system and sovereignty of the country at the hands of terrorist groups and pushed the country towards poverty and instability, as well as ruined all achievements of past two decades which were gain at the cost of the blood of thousands innocent people and cordial support of international community and Islamic countries.

They also welcome the UN decision for maintaining the seat of Afghansitan at its current situation, and emphasize that Afghansitan deserve an inclusive government with rule of law and democracy, adding that OIC like UN must not accept Taliban, and must not invite them in its summit in Pakistan.

They conclude that Taliban’s deeds are not Islamic, and requeste the UN General Assembly as well as OIC not to abandon Afghan people, and handle humanitarian assistance directly to the people by international organizations without manipulation of terrorist groups.

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