Apple AirTags become a useful tool for Canadian carjackers

Local police reported thieves placing an AirTag on a vehicle, tracking it, and then stealing it from the owner’s home.

When Apple’s new AirTag came out, there was plenty of discussion about its ability to track cars, in case one does go missing. At $29, it seemed like a positive.

However, it appears thieves quickly reversed such thinking for their own benefit.

In a blog post last week, York Regional Police in Ontario, Canada said carjackers now use the little devices to track “high-end vehicles across the region.”

Thieves spot their target vehicle in a public place, such as a shopping center or parking lot, and attach an AirTag where the owner likely won’t find it.

With the AirTag planted, all that’s left is to wait and track the car to the owner’s home. From there, thieves can quietly commit grand theft auto with a slew of tools at their disposal. The AirTag just makes finding the car a lot easier.

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