Do Not Gamble With People’s Lives in Times of Famine

As expected, the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is becoming more complex with each passing day. The economy is collapsing, and the Taliban government has no plan to save it. Prices, especially food prices, have risen to an all-time high. The depreciation of the Afghani against the dollar continues unabated. In recent days, currency markets and grocery stores have been in turmoil. Even in parts of the country, including Kabul, these markets were closed for several hours.

The situation is similar in other areas. The health system is not capable of providing services to patients. Educational institutions were closed for several months before the end of the school year. Civilians’ security is not guaranteed. Afghan citizens are targeted in Kabul and provinces. Placing magnetic mines in vehicles and launching organized assassinations are common methods for terrorists to kill people. The Taliban government also has no plans to address these issues.

The Taliban’s efforts to save the country from the current predicament reduced to meetings of its members with representatives of several countries and international organizations. In practice, their interim government has not taken steps to meet the requirements of the international community and international aid organizations to resume their assistance. This government is still a single group, and the ground has not been prepared for the formation of an inclusive government in the country.

The values ​​of human rights and individual and political freedoms of citizens have been lost as the most prominent achievements of the last twenty years. The media is censored and there is a general distrust in society. Adherence to these values ​​forms the conditions of the international community. Assistance to the country will not resume until the Taliban take further steps in this regard. Also, the world will not have a relationship with the Taliban until they return to the rule of law and the people’s vote and promise to an inclusive government. Given the Taliban’s treatment of the people and their approach to governance, the likelihood of their ruling government being recognized by the world is very limited.

Unfortunately, civilian suffers the most. The citizens of Afghanistan are starving and are in danger of dying. The threat of destructive poverty and famine is serious. International organizations have consistently warned of a humanitarian crisis and an unprecedented catastrophe in Afghanistan. These warnings have not been heard so far.

If the situation continues, poverty, famine, hunger, and insecurity will sacrifice many people in Afghanistan. The Taliban will be responsible for the first and last cause of this tragedy. The Taliban government is responsible for what is happening in Afghanistan. The officials of this government cannot absolve themselves of responsibility under any pretext. The wants and needs of the Afghan people are pretty clear. Likewise, these conditions and demands are legitimate. The Taliban cannot refuse to respect the human rights values ​​and individual and political freedoms of the Afghan people, which are a condition of the international community. Nor can they deny the people their right to self-determination. These issues are not difficult to understand. It is for the interest of the Taliban to comply with the conditions of the international community. Waste of time in this regard is no different from murder.


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