The Hunger Crisis Is Devastating if Not Managed

Yesterday, the union of craftsmen set the price of 200-gram bread at 50 percent higher, 15 afghanis. The flour price has almost tripled in the last four months. Liquefied gas, which used to be 40 afghanis per kilogram, reached 110 afghanis yesterday. Prices of oil and other foodstuffs are also rising. Whatever we put on this list, everything is out of control. No food can be found for sale at a regular price. When there is no income, people lose the ability to buy even the most necessities.

The value of the Afghan currency against foreign currencies has fallen since the fall of the previous government on August 15. This trend continued until it gained more momentum in the last two days. This situation frightened the people and caused the closure of currency exchange markets in the capital and several other cities. The increase in the dollar price, which directly affects the state of the people, has pushed up prices in the food and fuel markets. Yesterday evening, grocery stores in different parts of Kabul were closed for this reason. The shopkeepers think that if they sell their goods, they will not be able to buy new goods with the current situation and the rapid rise in prices.

The Taliban government has failed to show a positive image of crisis management over the past four months. Neither the Taliban’s diplomatic apparatus has been able to gain international credibility and legitimacy for this government, nor have their policymakers implemented practical and rational plans. If the Taliban had made efforts during this time to meet the standards of donors, we might now have fewer empty stomachs.

Unfortunately, efforts in this regard have not been enough to prevent the situation from deteriorating and, at least in the short term, to paint a clear picture. Citizens are becoming increasingly skeptical of the Taliban. While markets are closing due to the unprecedented rise in foreign exchange and raw material prices, the Taliban have not yet taken concrete steps to meet international standards. On a day when grocery stores in the capital close due to high prices, the most immediate action by the Taliban government is setting up a commission and determining how secretive the woman is.

Taliban members have repeatedly spoken of having a practical plan. But in practice, there has been no positive change in the situation. In a situation where the country is stuck with the worst humanitarian crisis, one should not keep the people hoping for better conditions to come. The country has now reached a point where the aspirations have been crushed, and people only want food.

The Taliban government is responsible for managing the current situation. Counting who promised or did not to for Afghanistan is not a good solution for hungry people. No government in the world is not responsible for its internal crises. Hunger and poverty are catastrophic as prices rise, and the Taliban group’s authority is directly responsible for it.

With the fall of the previous government, hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs in Afghanistan. The ruling Taliban government has a legal, moral and ethical responsibility to control the situation. There is no time to lose; Any action they intend to take must be taken urgently. Hunger overshadowed the people’s lives. This situation cannot be managed on its own. Officials in the Taliban government should no longer waste time. Taliban government must meet international standards, interact with the world, and practically fight hunger.

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