Price of naan bread in Afghanistan doubles

Afghanistan’s Chamber of Craftsmen and Shopkeepers said Tuesday that the price of an average naan bread weighing 200 grams has doubled, from 10 Afghanis (AFN) to 20 AFN on the back of rising food prices.
The chamber said that the price of a 270 gram naan bread has also increased, from 20 AFN to 30 AFN.
This comes on the back of a continued weakening of the AFN against the US dollar.
Most of Afghanistan’s processed food supplies are imported along with oil and fuel.
The head of the chamber meanwhile called on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) to take serious measures to stabilize the Afghan currency, stating that otherwise the situation will get worse.
“We took the decision (to increase the price), in order to prevent the closure of bakeries,” said Nurulhaq Omari, head of the union.
“The price of bread has changed, one bread is sold for 20 AFG, because the cost of one bag of flour has risen to 3,400 AFN.
“Shops in Kabul city are open, but business is not good,” Shopkeepers said.
According to them, they have the ability to buy the ingredients to make naam bread. But they said clients in turn do not have the money to buy bread.
“When we go to the bazar, they ask for dollars, because the AFG has lost its value. Selling and buying is done in dollars, said Gull Mohammad, a shopkeeper.
“People need flour, rice, oil and other necessary materials, customers are coming, but they can’t afford to buy anything,” said Obaidullah, another shopkeeper.
Kabul municipality on the other hand says they have not noticed any problems but will monitor the cost, quality and weight of bread.
“Necessary ingredients are available at bazaars, but the strong dollar” is impacting the cost of food, said a municipality official.
“We are not going to control the prices, and will not approve it (price of bread),” said Hamdullah Noomani, deputy head of Kabul municipality.
This comes amid a growing humanitarian crisis in the country.The post Price of naan bread in Afghanistan doubles first appeared on Ariana News.

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