‘End Ten Years of Uncertainty’ a Hashtag in Support of Afghan Refugees in Indonesia

Kabul – Many social media users have criticized the continuing plight of thousands of Afghan refugees in Indonesia, and a week ago launched a hashtag called “We spent ten years in uncertainty.”

The purpose of this lawsuit is to pay attention to the fate of thousands of immigrants who are in uncertainty in Indonesia, according to protestors.

Moreover, about a week has passed since the lawsuit, and the protesting users decide to turn the tweet “end ten years of uncertainty” into a trend.

The lawsuit was launched after a large number of Afghan citizens in Indonesia, whose asylum applications had not been processed for years, protested.

Furthermore, many of these immigrants stitched their mouths in protest, and one of them set himself on fire in front of the UN building in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, it is said that this lawsuit will continue until December 15 to hear the protest of immigrants living in Indonesia by the UN and human rights organizations and migrants.

Source: Hasht-e Subh Daily

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