A Man Ends His life by Throwing Himself under the Tire of a Truck

Kabul – Local sources in Paktia confirm that a man ended his life by throwing himself under the tire of a truck.

The incident took place at around 2:00 pm in Rahim Gardizi Square, the center of the province.

However, the man was about 35-years-old and had a good mental state, according to eyewitnesses.

Although they said that the incident happened immediately, clarifying that according to the evidence, the man committed suicide due to life problems.

Meanwhile, Khaliqyar Ahmadzai, Paktia’s director of information and culture, confirmed the incident in an interview with Hasht-e Subh.

Ahmadzai clarified that the cause of the incident is not clear and the case is under investigation.

However, he denied allegations that the man committed suicide out of hunger.

In the meantime, this is happening at a time when the economic and social conditions in the country are getting worse every day.

Meanwhile, due to the rising value of the dollar, the price of goods in the country has increased unprecedentedly.

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