Taliban vow to observe women’s rights, as seeking ties with US and other ex-foes

Acting foreign minister of Taliban’s government, Amir Khan Muttaqi, in an interview with Associated Press said that Taliban are seeking for good relations with the world, especially with the US. He insisted that the US will gradually change its policy towards Afghanistan.

Muttaqi once again called the US sanctions ineffective, said to the US people and government, “you are a great and big nation and you must have enough patience and have a big heart to dare to make policies on Afghanistan based on international rules and relegation, and to end the differences and make the distance between us shorter and choose good relations with Afghanistan.”

He said that Taliban have changed since their last rule, and have made progress in administration and politics, and added by passing days they gain experience and make more progress.

While Muttaqi is talking about changes among Taliban, there is no woman in Taliban’s cabinet composition and girls in secondary and high school level in most provinces cannot go to school.

Taliban’s foreign minister claimed that under the Taliban’s rule girls are going to school to grade 12 in 10 provinces of Afghanistan. Private schools and universities are open, and 100% of women who had previously worked in the health sector are back on the job. He added this shows that they are committed in principle to women participation.

Meanwhile, he rejected the reports on summary killings and executing of opponents after the general amnesty, and accused the former government that had attacked and revenge from Taliban after 2001.

Taliban announced their government on August 15, and no government has recognized their government yet.

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