Saar: Value of Afghani continues to drop against US dollar

Afghanistan’s national currency, the Afghani, lost significant value against the US dollar on Tuesday trading at a dismal 100 AFN to the dollar.

This was against Monday’s rate of 96.9 AFN to the dollar.

Da Afghanistan Bank, Afghanistan’s Central Bank, said in a statement that the stronger US dollar, as well as the high demand for dollars in Afghanistan, has caused the sharp drop in the value of the AFN.

The Bank in turn called on the public to only use Afghani’s in daily trade transactions in order to help stabilize the national currency.

Economists have said the drop in value of the AFN will directly impact the lives of Afghans, who are already struggling under a collapsing economy.

They said the weak Afghani will lead to an increase in the price of raw materials, fuel, and food supplies as most of these products are imported and paid for in US dollars.

Members of the public have meanwhile also raised concerns about the banking services in the country which have still not returned to normal following the collapse of the previous government.

Banking clients have for months been forced to queue for hours to draw money from banks – which sometimes run out of cash.

“It is too crowded; we came at 3am and already there were 200 people [waiting in line]… after three or four days of waiting you manage to withdraw money,” said Mawlana, a resident of Kabul.

Last month, the Central Bank eased restrictions on withdrawals, allowing people to withdraw up to $400 or 30,000 Afghanis a week and up to $1,200 or 100,000 Afghani per month.

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