Mujib Mehrdad Wins the Ahmad Shamlou Literary Award

Kucha-e Dolphinha (literally meaning Dolphins Alley) a collection of poems by Mujib Mehrdad, poet and the editor-in-chief of Hasht-e Subh Daily, has won the Ahmad Shamlou Literary Award in Iran.

Iranian media have reported that the board of the seventh round of the Ahmad Shamlou Poetry Prize awarded the poem “Kucha-e Dolphinha” written by Mujib Mehrdad for “having a memorable verse, an acceptable poetic rhythm, a modern tone and subtle humor, the quality of the poems, the spirit, and the style of composing.”

Likewise, the board has also awarded the poem “Sad Expressionism” by Diar Mardan Begi and the “Shieha” by Meysam Mataji.

Kazem Sadat, Eshkavari, Mahnaz Ronaqi, Elias Alavi, Azar Mahloujian, and Saleh Najafi were the members of the board for the seventh round of the Ahmad Shamlou Poetry Award.

It is worth mentioning that the Ahmad Shamlou Poetry Award selects and introduces poems every year from among the first collection of newly published poems, which is sent to the secretariat of this award.

The award includes a statuette, a plaque, and a cash prize, which will be delivered officially to the winners during a ceremony on the birthday of Ahmad Shamlou.

The judges of each round are also selected by the Board of Trustees and the Award Secretariat. According to the information, the literary works that reach this secretariat will be judged and examined in two stages.

In the first phase, a panel of three members will review the received works based on the extracted criteria from Ahmad Shamlou’s written opinion about the new poem, giving points to various aspects of the work.

The judges then select about ten to 20 poems from the works that have received the highest scores, by exchanging opinions and consensus, to advance to the second stage.

It is worth mentioning that the Kucha-e Dolphinha is the fifth poem by Mujib Mehrdad, an Afghan poet and writer, which has been published in Iran.

The content of this collection focuses more on the issues and problems of Afghan society. The poems cry out the pain of millions of people who have lived under the fire of war and violence for years.

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