US allows money transfer to Afghanistan

US Department of Treasury announced that they have made a regulation based on which people will be allowed to transfer money to Afghanistan.

The new regulation was announced on Saturday, December 11 and it will lift sanctions on all those who are involved in the transfer.

The move comes a day after the World Bank allowed $280 million to be transferred to Afghanistan so that it be used in health and food sectors by WFP and UNICEF.

Afghanistan is now desperately suffering from a lack of cash especially dollars that have worsened the economic situation in Afghanistan and facing an economic collapse.

The money will reportedly solve the problem to a certain extent but the spokesperson of the department has said that Afghanistan’s ongoing situation is not because of US sanctions on the Taliban and added that the new regulation will not solve the problem either.

As per the regulations, the money transfer will too be conducted if the process includes the names of members of the Haqqani network-who are banned- but the purpose of the money should not be traded but rather personal.

MoneyGram and Western Union are the only means of money transfer to Afghanistan that resumed their operations in September.

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