UK to allocate nearly $100 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

As Afghanistan is still suffering from potentially the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, Unite Kingdom has announced that they will allocate the US $99.5 or 75 million pounds in humanitarian aids to Afghanistan.

The Foreign Ministry of the UK has added that 34 million pounds of 75 million will be given to World Food Program (WFP).

The allocation of money comes hours after foreign ministers of G7 met in Liverpool on Saturday, December 11, and discussed the world’s conflicts including Afghanistan.

British Foreign Minister Liz Truss while allocating the money for Afghanistan, expressed gratitude for the participation of G7 members countries.

Liz Truss called on the International community to widen their cooperation to prevent humanitarian crisis and to avoid mass immigration of the Afghan people.

The UK has reportedly doubled its humanitarian aids to $380 million for Afghanistan and the region this year.

The money is good timing though, it is only for addressing the urgent needs of the people of Afghanistan and cannot solve the long-term problem.

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