Third Shipment; USD 19.2 Million Reached to Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) Following a series of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, today, December 12, 2021, the third shipment of humanitarian aid of USD 19.2 million reached Afghanistan. The Transit of the aforesaid shipment from the airport to the Afghanistan International Bank was facilitated by Da Afghanistan Bank.
DAB has always tried to facilitate standard methods that result in prevention of poverty which the noble people of Afghanistan are faced with. Hereby, we assure our people that issues pertaining to the banking system of the country and foreign currency needs will soon be resolved.
It’s worth mentioning that DAB has been continuously trying to maintain the value of the Afghani currency at a fixed level against the foreign currency. We hope that with the arriving of aforementioned aid, the value of Afghani currency will reach its desired level against the foreign currency.
The leadership of the bank is working hard to address the issue of improving the Afghani currency value against dollar.

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Source: Bakhtar News Agency

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