Taliban guns down boy in Kabul

The Taliban fighters shot killed a boy who was attending an engagement function in Kabul.

The boy, Faisal (in his 20s) was shot by a Taliban fighter in Police District two of the Afghan capital Kabul.

Eyewitnesses and his uncle of whom the slain Faisal was attending the wedding said, they were directed to stop for check post and they did but were shot at in the next one.

“We were returning from my engagement function and were directed to stop in a check post of the Taliban in Quwa-e-Markaz. We stopped and were searched by the Taliban and then they allowed us to go, when we went there were four other Taliban who started shooting and shot killed Faisal.” Said Faisal’s Uncle.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Affairs Saeed Khostai confirmed the incident and added that two culprits have been arrested and are under investigation.

“The people were asked to stop to a check post and the Mujahideen started shooting at Faisal who was wounded and then succumbed to his wounds in hospital. Two people have been arrested in connection to the incident.” Said Khostai.

People have been asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to properly train their fighters and give them proper uniforms in order to be recognized and avoid incidents as such in the future.

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Source: The Khaama Press News Agency

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